About Us

Why we do what we do.

My passion is simple - to bring you wild caught, sustainably harvested, seafood right here in Billings.  I have extensive experience within the fishing industry - from working as a commercial fisherman to running some of the largest seafood processing plants in Alaska - I know how and where to source premium seafood throughout the year so that you always receive the best quality seafood this side of the Rockies.  I only work with fishermen and seafood processors whom I know and trust - so, when you buy seafood from us, you can be sure that it is ethically sourced, sustainably harvested and of the highest quality.


Let my experience work for you.  I can sell you seafood, but I can also teach you how to prepare it, what to look for when buying seafood and the importance of where your seafood comes from.  Ultimately, I want to ensure that you have an amazing experience each and every time you buy and prepare our seafood for you and your family.

Billings Seafood Guys is your local source for the best seafood.  Right here in Montana. 

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